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Choreography Demo

Chelsea Chris – New Artist – “Mr. Man”

Mr. Man is the first release by new female pop artist Chelsea Chris. Produced and Directed by John Poppo for Pop Productions Inc. it is a dance centric. concept music video. The song, written by Chris along with Poppo and (Vitamin E) Diaz. is a dance/pop song with a strong driving urban flavored beat, and undertones of Dancehall and Reggaeton grooves, flavored by Chris’ very soulful vocals. Choreography by Craig Smith (Beyonce/Rihanna/Shakira); BKG dancers are Dee Delgado (Beyonce, NY Knicks CIty Dancers) and Michaela Sprague (The Dream, Nike,..). Hair and Makeup by Neil Styles and Karen Angus. Staging, Lighting Design and Cameras by Marc Miller and Marc Levine of Relentless Productions and Scene Interactive. Still photography by Karim Zandieh for Zandieh Studios. Be sure to check out the dance remix and behind the scenes making of the video also available on YouTube. Contact:

“Get Back” – Sheryl Murakami

Paige Manley’s “Indestructible” – A short dance flick

Sheryl Murakami “Peacock” Demo – Katy Perry

Sheryl Murakami – “Linkin Park” Demo

Paige Manley – Monster

Luam – Day 26 Demo

Luam – “Group” Demo

Sheryl Murakami – Beyonce’s “Ego”

Here is a Chreography Demo we shot with Choreographer Sheryl Murakami for Beyonce’s “Ego” single. Beyonce and her team loved it and eventually made it into a music video (see second video).

And check out our wall she took on tour with her!

Luam – Kat Deluna Viral Video

“Class Chronicles” with Rhapsody James

Rhapsody came down to our studios a while back to record some of her favorite class routines from her many years as an instructor. But not only do you get to see the actual routine, you get Rhapsody’s candid commentary about the piece and the reason it’s special. First Up, Cassie’s “Long Way to Go”. Rhapsody’s Scene Interactive page

Gigi Torres Choreography Demo

Rhythm City on ABDC season 4 – Promo

Sheryl Murakami – “Lace” Demo